Yossi Kolesnicov

Front-End Developer / yk@yossikolesnicov.com


I'm an expert web developer and UI designer with more than 8 years of experience. I'm passionate about the web and enjoy the process of creating something from nothing and having people interact with it.

I'm always learning and trying to improve my craft, always looking for a new challenge or idea to fulfill.



UX/UI and Front-End Lead


Fortscale creates a cyber-security analytics platform, utilizing big data and intelligent algorithms, machine learning and dynamic visualization to help analysts deal with threats.

I'm in charge of the product's web app - UX concepts, UI design and front-end development. I make heavy use of Angular.js and D3.js in the application, having built a framework that enables quick creation of widgets and dashboards.

2013 ~ Current

Front End Team Manager


Manage a team of four (three developers and one QA) in building a large-scale, multi-platform web application. Responsible for architecture, schedule and meeting deadlines.

Designed a very efficient and easy to maintain application, which enables rapid development. Client demands are met quickly due to a modular architecture and smart task allocation.

The application is built heavily with Angular.js as the main library, with cross-domain communication to a Java server.

2012 ~ 2013

Front End Developer and Product Manager


Design and development of complex web applications, Chrome and Firefox extensions. Part of a large team of developers, QA, designers, marketing and business development personnel.

Use of various production methods such as Agile and Scrum and productivity tools such as Git, YouTrack, Trello, web build programs (SASS/LESS, Grunt.js).

2010 ~ 2012

Web designer and programmer


Concept, design and production of dynamic websites, including my own CMS to manage content. Working with and coordinating other freelancers on different projects - graphic designers, SEO specialists and programmers.

Creation of an open-source project: YoxView, a jQuery image viewer plugin.

2007 ~ 2010

Web programming teacher

Hadassah College, Jerusalem - Interactive communications

Teach two classes, about 80 students - Flash ActionScript 3.0, JavaScript / jQuery, HTML, CSS, Photoshop.

2008 ~ 2010


Practical Engineer of Photography & Digital Media

Hadassah College, Jerusalem

2002 ~ 2005



With 7+ years of hands-on experience, I'm an expert-level front-end programmer and architect.

Object-oriented (prototypical) design, AngularJS, Node.js, D3.js, design patterns, jQuery, etc.


Standards comliant code, responsive design, SASS/LESS/Compass, cross-browser and efficient code.

Experience with: Canvas, web sockets, Web RTC, indexedDB, File API, audio, video, geolocation and more.

UI / graphic design

I often design my own products, from UX wireframes to final graphic design on Photoshop.

I've designed many websites and applications, preferring a flat and functional approach.

Browser Extensions

Extensive experience in developing Chrome extensions and apps, the Chrome APIs, background pages, content scripts, etc.

Also experienced developing Firefox extensions and XUL.


Much experience with Facebook Graph/FQL, Google Maps, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Mail and many more.

Fully experienced with OAuth 1.0 and 2.0

Mobile Development

Multiple-device development has become a very important part of my work as front-end developer.

This often requires a mobile-first approach and such tools as Phonegap, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile and more.

Project Management

Experienced in managing project from the get-go, both in the technical and personnel aspects.

Prefers a flexible agile development policy, utilizing tools such as GitHub, Trello and YouTrack.


5 years experience in ASP.NET / C#. Also limited experience with PHP, C, C++ and Objective C.

Teaching and consulting

I'm experienced in teaching, both in academic and industry environments.

I enjoy lecturing to small groups on highly-focused subjects, and can simplify complex ideas for better understanding.



Homepage is personalized home page in the form of a Chrome app, like iGoogle.

Concept, UI graphic design, logo design, HTML, CSS, Angular.js, APIs integration.

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Social image viewer - view all your images in a single beautiful UI.

Concept, UI graphic design, logo design, HTML, CSS/SASS, Angular.js, APIs integration.

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U Youtube

U Browser YouTube app

One of several apps I've built for Conduit's up and coming browser, U. The app is basically a full-blown Chrome extension, with some extra APIs.

UI design by Shay Danan
Learn more about U here

YoxView plugin

YoxView jQuery plugin

A Lightbox-type open-source jQuery plugin I've created back in 2010.

The website offers download, documentation, examples, roadmap, contact and donations.

(No longer supported)



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Yossi is a true professional. While working on a complex and innovative product together I've seen him as a team leader who always delivers, very knowledgeable, open minded and initiative.

His project management skills helped us deliver in short time frames and, personally, we had a great time :)

Ofer Holtzman

UX Designer and colleague, Netcraft

I've been working with Yossi on the same team for about 8 months. In that time I had the privilege of consulting and learning from an expert of many fields, a fact that contributed much to my own knowledge and expertise.

Yossi bring vast understanding of the web ecosystem from bottom up, with greater focus on front-end development and product management. Like a guided missle, Yossi is a "fire-and-forget" kind of professional, getting the job done is a sure thing.

Dror Elovits

Developer colleague, Conduit

I have hired Yossi as a client side developer, building web pages for variable mobile devices. Yossi holds vast professional knowledge, and provides high standarts of production within tight schedules of delivery. I was very pleased with Yossi's work, and certainly plan to keep working with him in future projects.

Avin Vadas